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North America (Northern America) mainly contains the United States, Canada and Greenland, facing Arctic Ocean on the north, Pacific Ocean on the west, Atlantic Ocean on the east. It is the most economically developed continent in the world, its GDP per capita even exceed European countries. Two of the most important countries in North America - the United States and Canada - are economically developed countries, and the railway and highway traffic network is flourishing.

The North American trade lines are including the East North American, West North American, and Canadian trade lane, an excellent operation team with 15 staffs, to provide you with professional, accurate, fast and comprehensive service. Strong overseas agent network coverage, multiple agents, gives you more choice. We can offer one-stop service for your shipments to/via East or West North America and Canada with a feature of 10 direct consol service, also we can manage the land transportation, DDU/DDP door delivery service, customs clearance service at the destination, ISF filling, buy BOND and etc. Additionally, we can operate the Amazon FBA cargo. We have the most frequent shipping schedule, the most professional service, the most favorable rate and the most reasonable transparent port charges, you can ship with us without worry.

1.The west and east coast of USA sailing schedule

LAX direct vessel(5 sailings/week):

Thursday KLINE  T/T 13DAYS、Friday NYK  T/T 16DAYS、Saturday EMC  T/T 18DAYS 、Sunday APL  T/T 17DAYS、Monday WANHAI  T/T 18DAYS

NYC direct vessel (3sailings/week):

Sunday KLINE T/T 27DAYS、Monday CMA  T/T 29DAYS、Thursday EMC  T/T 34DAYS

2.USA 6 features direct servies

CHICAGO(2 sailings/week)

Saturday CMA T/T 22DAYS direct service(PORT OF PRINCE PATH)、Thursday KLINE  T/T 22DAYS direct service (LAX PATH)


Thursday EMC   T/T 35DAYS direct service


Thursday KLINE  T/T 18DAYS direct service  


Friday CMA  T/T 38DAYS direct service


Friday NYK  T/T 15DAYS direct service


Thursday EMC T/T 30DAYS direct service



Saturday COSCO   VIA PRINCE RUPERT  T/T 22days direct service、Switch via HALIFAX




East America  


TEL:0532-68607827; 点击这里给我发消息QQ:2851060824;
Contact person:Miss.Zhuang
TEL:0532-68607829;   点击这里给我发消息QQ:2851060827;
Contact person:Miss.Zhong
West America


TEL:0532-68607821;   点击这里给我发消息QQ:2851060825;
Contact person:Miss.Song
TEL:0532-68607835;   点击这里给我发消息QQ:2851060837;
Contact person:Miss.Yuan

TEL:0532-68607870;   点击这里给我发消息QQ:2851060841;
Contact person:Miss.Song
TEL:0532-68607830;   点击这里给我发消息QQ:2851060838;
Contact person:Mr.Jiang