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Comprehensive Bonded Logistics

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Till August 2012, our World Jaguar in-door bonded warehouse has already expanded to 6,238 square meters. The warehouse is equipped with all-direction monitor, adjustable shelf and bar-code management system which could secure safe, high efficient and precise service.

We could offer following services in bonded port area.

1. Domestic “One Day Trip” (re-import after export): Applicable to Import & Export cargo in Processing Trade. That is supplier exports cargo to Bonded Logistics Park declaring with general trade, then to get Tax Refund & verification; Buyer imports cargo with handbook of processing trade ( imported materials or customers’ materials ) to make products, then re-export and carry on handbook verification.

2. Bonded Warehousing: Warehousing general imported cargos without finishing the customs formality.

3. International Purchasing and Distribution: Establishing global purchasing and sorting centre in BLP. Picking and re-packing as per overseas order, then distributing to all over the world.

4. International Transit: Combine the international and domestic shipments in Bonded Park and then ship out to Chinese mainland or abroad, realizing the re-consolidation of domestic cargo and international transshipment.

5. Entrepot Trade: According to the international market, domestic merchants purchase cargo in batches and store in the BLP, and the cargo will be exported to other countries worldwide as per different order, finishing trade and foreign exchange settlement.

Service specialty in World Jaguar Bonded Port area:

1. For Buyer Consol, the shipments could enter into the Park first and then arrange customs declaration later, or arrange customs inspection inside if have any.

2. One-dimensional and two-dimensional bar code management system could manage to single shipment.

3. The five-layer adjustable shelf can meet the demand of various shipments at any time: ensure the safety and visibility for shipments storage.

4. Visual warehouse operation: 24-hour-all-direction monitor, providing query services at any time.

5. LCL warehouse under Customs supervision: Deliver cargo first, send arrival notice to Customs, arrange inspection in warehouse, and seal the container to dispatch after cargo release.

Assisting the development of car vehicle export transportation business and creating a new model of warehouse logistics.

New Model of Vehicle Export: Once exported vehicle enter into Bonded Port, the customers could do the customs declaration, which is equal to export shipments. It means before loading and dispatching the enterprise can get the Certificate of entry and customs declaration, arrange foreign exchange settlement and recoup funds.

Besides, World Jaguar Bonded Logistics could provide below customized services based on customer and market’s demand: pickup and delivery, loading and unloading, warehousing and distribution, as well as devanning, sorting out, pallet, packing, weighing, labeling, inspection and other value-added services.