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Since we established, Ocean Consol service is our constant brand service, now, we have built more than 110 direct trade lines all over the world. panda has obvious freight advantages and always keep excellent cooperation relationship with main shipping lines. Depending on the strength of cargo volume, we sign the favorable agreement rate with main shipping lines as for Qingdao to worldwide. No matter where you are, as long as it's in the panda network, you can enjoy the most reasonable and favorable rate! All the further process, such as transit time, transshipment, panda must arrange on behalf of you to the end and let you feel worry-free for your cargo transportation.

panda Ocean Consol Service covers more than 1000 ports and inland points in the world, including direct consol to 110 base ports, meanwhile, we can deliver the shipments to everywhere by the most suitable and fastest transportation method. Due to the intensive sailing of each base port, there are multiple direct consols to all major ports like Europe, America, and Asia-Pacific region; also, it can combine with storage organically.

Main Export consol Lanes:

Hongkong & Taiwan Line: Direct Consol to Hongkong, Keelung, Kaohsiung, Taichung, and transfer to non-base ports in Taiwan and Macau via HK.


Japan Line:Direct Consol to Moji, Hakata, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kobe.

TEL:+86-0532-68607440 ,

Korea Line:Direct Consol to Inchon, Busan, Pyeongtaek, and transfer to non-base ports in Japan via Busan .

TEL:+86-0532-68607429 ,

America Line:Direct Consol to LA, NY, and transfer to American inland.

Canada Line:Direct Consol to Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and transfer to Canadian inland.


Central & South America Line: Direct Consol to Callao, Manzanillo, Valparaiso, Guayaquil, Santos, and transfer to other ports of Central & South America and Caribbean via Colon.

TEL: +86-0532-68607412,

South East Asia Line / India Line:

Direct Consol to Singapore, and transfer to all over the world.

Direct Consol to Fremantle, Ho Chi Minh, Colombo, Chittagong, Haiphong, Port Kelang, Penang, Bangkok, Jakarta, Surabaya, Laem Chabang, and Port Louis.

Madras (Chennai) (transfer to Indian inland), Mumbai, Nhava Sheva (transfer to Indian inland), Kolkata.

Australia and New Zealand Line: Direct Consol to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and transfer to Australian inland; Direct Consol to Auckland, and transfer to Zelanian inland and Pacific Islands.

Africa Line: Direct Consol to Durban, Cape Town, and transfer to South Africa inland and main ports in Africa.

电   话:+86-0532-68607433,+86-0532-68607434 ,邮   箱:

Europe Line:

Direct Consol to Klaipeda, and transfer to Tallinn, Riga, Belarus, and Russia main ports and inland;

Direct Consol to Rotterdam, Hamburg, and transfer to European inland and the ports of Northwestern Africa;

Direct Consol to Felixstowe, and transfer to England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, Ireland and other ports & inland.

TEL: +86-0532-68607450,

Mediterranean Line:Direct Consol to Koper, and transfer to inland, the central and Eastern Europe ports.

Direct Consol to Alexander, and transfer to other ports of Egypt;

Direct Consol to Istanbul, and transfer to other ports of Turkey;

Direct Consol to Constanza, and transfer to other ports of domestic;

Direct Consol to Ashdod, Haifa, and transfer to other ports of Israel;

Direct Consol to Barcelona, Valencia, and transfer to other ports of Spain, other countries or region of Mediterranean and Africa;

Direct Consol to Genova, and transfer to other ports of Italy and the countries or region of Mediterranean;

Direct Consol to Beirut.

TEL: +86-0532-68607421,+86-0532-68607422 ,

Japan Express Shipping Line: Departing from Shidao to Osaka only 40 hours;

Departing from Shidao to Shimonoseki only 40 hours;

Departing from Weihai to Tokyo only 60 hours;

Picking up the cargo the same day arriving at the POD is available.

TEL: +86-0532-68607436 ,